We are a group of engineers in industrial design, who decided to join forces to create a project with the creation of music events like flag, where they could express all their concerns. The strength of Alquemist, is that it is formed by a group of people from many different influences that converge into one, this is reflected in their thinking and in their work where global design prevails, care of every detail and to control and take part in all stages and processes involved in each project. Alquemist can create anything you propose, graphic, musical, product, digital, services …

Alquemist us all, it is a way of thinking and acting trying to capture this philosophy in all branches within our reach, is to share and learn.

Jesús Cebader


Designer from , Street background with Space sense, He always starts with the pencil. Caos and Order. https://www.behance.net/Cebader

Álvaro Parra – DREAM DAMA –


Producer from Zaragoza, downtempo and future garage influence, nature and galaxies inspiration.

Mario Alba – H.U.S.H. –


Dj and producer from Zaragoza, with a hip hop and street background , the darkness of the more cerebral techno and the kind of footwork.